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Get sellable Challenge

Learn how to fix these 3 deadly mistakes that Business Owners make that actually make ownership harder sabotage the value of  the business and make their business Un-sellable.

Join the 4 day 
Get sellable Challenge

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July 11 - July 14

Can I tell you a secret?
I have been exactly where you are.
How I wished I knew these 3 things when I started my business, and didn't learn them the hard way - when I wanted to sell. I had no idea what I didn't know.
Can I tell you another secret?
It's not just me and you making these mistakes.
Big and small corporations make them.
And they have money and staff.
But you can get ahead of it. 
Start right now  to give yourself a huge advantage.
Get started with some huge momentum.


Don't miss learning these 3 mistakes.
Not ready to sell?  Not worried about it?
I BEG you to take the time and learn this NOW.
I wish someone had told me...

This challenge is perfect for Business Owners who:
1. Want to sell within next few years (2-5) 
2. Who have listed with a business broker...
     ✅ but nothing is happening
     ✅ your contract is up and you didn't sell
     ✅you have a lower than expected valuation
     ✅you have a negative valuation
3. NEED to sell in order to retire 
4. Want to sell but have no idea where to start
5. Are burnt out and wish they could sell yesterday!
6. Want more time freedom, profitability, and scalability.

In my experience, every business owner intends to SELL 
However... up to 80% are not prepared. 
Are you? I sure wasn't. 🤯 But I fixed it.
And you can, too. And eventually sell for BIG bucks. 💰💰💰

Here's what you will get in this challenge.

I want to help you - and give all of this to you for FREE! 👇
🔥Exit Plan 🔥
How to design your exit plan for exactly how you want to exit "someday" 🛑
🔥 Valuation Worksheets 🔥
Learn how to value your business right now - today! 💱
🔥 Multiple Worksheets 🔥
Learn about multiples ❌
Learn how they apply to your business 💸
and how it affects valuation 🤑
🔥 Seller's Checklist🔥
Learn to build a seller's checklist 📃
Do you have everything in its place to sell? 
Here's how you will know! 📃
🔥 Where to Start Activity 🔥
This 5-minute activity is a game-changer! 
It will help you identify your weak spots.
Direction on where to start your improvements. ⏲️
🔥 Road map generation🔥
How to understand what needs to be fixed and in what order. 🗺️
🔥 Opportunity List 🔥
Discover how to rate your business 
and how to take advantage of your opportunity 📈
🔥 Q&A with other business owners 🔥
Exclusive access to our success coach and 
some of the finest questions to help level up
🔥Guest Speaker Karen Frith🔥
Ever feel like everyone else has it together - except for you? 
Get the real scoop from our very own expert 
on business optimization and M&A from the UK. 👏
She has the inside scoop from many major brands.
🔥Sell Your Biz Facebook Group 🔥
Add yourself to the free FB group 
Join other entrepreneurs who are in the exact same position as you. ✊
YOU get all of this for FREE!!!!
Join us for the FREE challenge so we can deliver it all to you.
Click the ‘Sign Up Button’ to register to attend.
Join the FREE challenge so we can help you.

This challenge will get you started.
And help you with your first steps.

We will walk you through it all. And it's FREE! 
So come on. What are you waiting for?
Invest your time 
Understand and prepare for your future.

Do you plan to sell your business? 
This year? Next Year? Ever?
No matter how you plan to exit...
This challenge is for you!

No matter whether you plan to sell 
this year or in 10 years. 
This free challenge will give you the foundation you need.

*This is 100% FREE training, no credit card required.
If you are considering selling...
and are ready to plan ahead for BIG and FUN retirement...
Get yourself ready! Join us for the challenge.
This is your first step. You can do it.
It could be the difference between selling or not!

 We want to get you your BIG exit. We think you deserve it! 
 And now matter where you are at - we believe that 90% of you can get your exit. 
 You just may need some help to get there.  

Meet your Mentor

Tracy Keating Gunn

Hi! I am Tracy Gunn. 
And not too long ago I tried to sell one of my businesses. I was burnt out running 4 businesses - and thought it would be easy to sell. Unfortunately, the broker told me it wouldn't sell. He actually said it was worth nothing. And I was devastated. I cried. 😭🤧
But figured out a method to fix it. I shifted my priorities to doing the things to fix what was broken - and prepare for a sale. And I did it!  
I found a buyer within 3 months... 
And now I want to share with you what I wish someone would have shared with me.

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