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The Masterclass Starts In:


Listen Up Business Owner!

✔ Would you like to get a clear picture of where your business stands and how much you could sell for?
✔ Have a clear path on how to achieve a higher valuation and increase your multiple?
✔ Would you like to be prepared to sell this coming year - and maybe sell without a broker? Then keep reading! 

Here's why:
We’ve helped hundreds of business owners prepare their businesses for sale. They improve their businesses and valuations by improving efficiency, implementing systems, and prepare to exit their businesses. 

This Free Masterclass will show you:

the steps you NEED to take to Sell.
- What to consider in an Exit Plan - Succession Plan
- Understanding your Business Valuation
- Current Selling Climate in 2023

Just don't take our word for it - here's what our clients say...

 We had 3 offers on the table within 6 months…

“I owned and managed a general store for over 10 years, and the 4am starts 7 days a week were a killer. Even when I had staff the responsibility was always with me to make sure everything worked smoothly. Staff on minimum wage would let me down and there just wasn’t enough in the business (or so I thought) to pay a manager. I knew I wanted out but I couldn’t see any value in the business, so the prospect of selling it seemed impossible. Walking away seemed to be the only option.

I was introduced to Karen. She was initially introduced as an accountant who could advise on getting my books in order, but it soon became clear that her experience lay more in turnarounds and exits. She consulted for some of the biggest brands on the planet and she was able to translate the strategies and tactics they used and help me apply it to my own business. Don’t get me wrong, it was brutal and ugly at times – for example the approach uncovered staff theft… by a close family member!  By the end of the process the business was making more money than it ever had. We had 3 offers on the table within 6 months… 
I was enjoying running it so much I stayed on for another 12 months as a manager for the new owner!”

Margaret Hoey - Colemans Grocery

"Tracy - You have helped me see the OTHER side of selling my business - the side of the buyer. After talking to you I was motivated to take several steps to get me and my business in a better position to sell and transition. You gave me renewed energy and hope. I am now excited - looking to the future and welcome this new phase.
Thank you for your help and enthusiasm!! You are a great coach and mentor."

Jim Gintner - Gintner Electrical Services LTD 

“My business was a marquee hire company, very physical & very seasonal.  I needed to extract myself from literally doing the heavy lifting, and as Karen started to identify the opportunities to do this she also uncovered new growth opportunities. A new revenue stream was created and this helped to double the income of the business within 12 months, it also removed dependency on the volatile seasonal market. I then decided to exit the business and reached out to help me get ‘fit for sale’.  Using the process they perfected over the years, I managed to exit at the height of the summer season and received a premium because of the PR she orchestrated” 

Norman Smith  - Abacus Marquees

Karen was the Program Director for the divestment of significant customer base from the parent bank into a new challenger bank. Her specific area of expertise is planning and orchestrating the right things to happen, in the right order, at the right time. Knowing what to do is one thing… actually making it happen by implementing the necessary changes is what Karen is an expert in”

Chris Ball - Royal Bank of Scotland

MEET YOUR "Sell Your Business!" MENTORS

Tracy Gunn

If I can do this as a 50 year old Grandma - you can absolutely do it, too.
I’m on a mission to help as many small business owners get higher valuations so that they can retire with a higher payout. 

Tracy wasn’t always an expert in helping business owners sell their business. In fact, she used to have businesses with negative valuations. In fact it got so bad that she jokes she was actually looking to pay someone else to take her business!

She doesn’t want any business owner to go through that pain ever again. So she's on a mission to find the people that she KNOWS she can easily help - and prepare their business for sale and change their lives.

When she first set about solving this for herself, she tried to find people to help her.
Sadly, what she found is that many of the so-called experts are simply sharing the same information that they’ve copied from the same articles and videos she could easily find for free on the internet.

So she knew she wanted to do something better.
So, she found an amazing partner who also completely gets it... enter Karen Frith

Tracy spent 2 years researching, studying, and testing methods and decided that she’d only use those that delivered the highest results to include in the E.A.S.Y method.

She's gone on to use those same discoveries to become recognized as a small business expert, with a focus on buying and selling companies. This is because she understands- having been through it all herself. She has been there.  She gets it!

Tracy Gunn makes herself available for speaking opportunities and media appearances to help further this mission.

Karen Frith

Knowing what to do is one thing… actually making it happen by implementing the necessary changes is what Karen is an expert in”

Karen Frith has consulted with some of the biggest brands on the planet for over 20 years, alongside building and selling 5 of her own businesses and helping hundreds of business owners do the same.

Karen’s belief is that every business owner deserves the support from expert consultants, but she’s well aware that not every business owner has the deep pockets large corporations have!

So, as she worked closely with experts from McKinsey, BCG and Bain she began to study their methods and apply them to her own businesses.

When this produced amazing results, she started to help other founders, SME’s who had ‘hit the wall’ and just wanted out.

She helped fix the basics and get the companies ready for sale, often having multiple offers on the table or sometimes just helping the owners fall in love with their business again.

Now, using the E.A.S.Y method framework, she is ready to help you too…


Discover The EXIT that is waiting for you.

A little more about what we offer for business owners...

A Business Valuation
We will review the Business Valuation, so you can get a clear and concise view of your business’s current value, sales multiple. Understand how a valuation is created, where the numbers come from, and how they are used.
A Seller's Checklist
Selling your business without a broker will be almost guaranteed thanks to the “Seller Checklist”. 
This provides you an inside look at what buyers are specifically looking for when looking to acquire a business. Information is power.
Selling Roadmap
Our clients enjoy clear and easy steps to follow when they create their Selling roadmap. This is accomplished through the E.A.S.Y. method. This roadmap will be your guide, step by step, to making the systematic improvements to prepare for your BIG exit.
Business owners who are in a similar position or only slightly ahead of you in the journey. They help support you to get to your goal and keep you moving forward. Business ownership can be lonely – your exit doesn’t have to be. 
Fill your C-Suite
Implementation Schedule to fill your C-Suite
Thanks to the E.A.S.Y. method, our clients can now implement and install a C-suite to cover all business needs.
Exit Strategy
This will be easy to develop and implement. Your business will become more independent of you as you complete each point on your roadmap, bringing you closer to your exit.
Retire this Year
Once you complete the program, you will be ready to sell and retire – 

But only sell...
when and if you want to!
Live Q&A 
Laser coaching
Q&A with attendees to help them crush their fears! Tracy & Karen will bring some people on and work with them and answer questions LIVE!

Here is who E.A.S.Y method is not for:

We know that the people who get to maximum sellability the fastest with the E.A.S.Y method all fit a certain type of criteria. We also know the characteristics of the people who are most likely to fail.
Because of this, we don’t just let people buy their way into the program. We don’t want money from someone who we can’t help. If any of the following criteria sound like you, I can confirm that the E.A.S.Y method is not for you.
The E.A.S.Y method is NOT for you if you aren’t willing to invest in your own growth. 
In order to get big program results you’re going to need to:
    • Invest time into developing new skills
    • Invest effort into implementing those skills
    • Invest income into the program to have our team and course guide you into getting you the Valuation and Exit that you are looking for.
We know that only a certain group of people check the boxes we are looking for but… we KNOW we can get them results. This is why we offer a complimentary consultation before we let anyone into the program to be sure that this is the right fit and the right decision. We offer coursework, done with you, and done for you services. 

Here is how you can get the E.A.S.Y method

Applying to join the program costs absolutely nothing! 
Even better anyone who attends the consultation is given a choice of one of three exclusive programs. 
(The three program options will be explained further during your consultation)
To insure that our members gets the best results there is a capacity to how many people we let in at the same time. While you are always free to book a consultation with us, there is no guarantee that you be let in right away as you may be put on a waiting list if we are at capacity. 
The sooner you get on the waiting list the better. 
So don’t delay to book your consultation.
You’ll find the form to book your free consultation and 
apply to join the How to Exit your Business Program below.
We only work with people we know we can help. 
And if you have read this far then there is a good chance that this is you. 
If we can’t help, we will be transparent about it.
 We want to get you your BIG exit. We think you deserve it!  And no matter where you are at - we believe that 90% of you can get your exit.  You just may need some help to get there.  

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